Along with its big new SRS-XV800 party speaker, Sony has also unveiled a new portable Bluetooth speaker. 

 The SRS-XB100 is a portable wireless model from Sony that uses a passive radiator to produce louder sound

 than usual for music lovers on the go. The SRS-XB100, which comes in blue, orange,

light grey, and black colour variants, costs $59 (about £47 or AU$87),

placing it in the same price bracket as TechRadar's current top selection for under £50 in our list of the best Bluetooth speakers

Sony's portable, which weighs 0.6 pounds and has dimensions of just 2.9(w) x 3.7(h) inches, 

 Similar to the Tribit, Sony comes with a multiway strap that you may use to secure the speaker to a backpack